GSP RushFit Review: George St. Pierre’s Workout Training Program

George St. Pierre’s GSP Rushfit Workout Training Review

You’re probably here because you heard about George St. Pierre’s GSP Rushfit workout training program and you want to read some real reviews.  We have a full unbiased review about the George St. Pierre Rushfit Workout Training Program and have extensively tested it out for a full grueling 8 weeks.  If you aren’t looking to lose weight or get in shape then leave now.  Because, I am about to talk about a workout training program that is developed to help everyday people become physically fit and lose weight.  This is our official GSP Rushfit Workout Training Review.

Product: GSP RUSHFIT 8-Week Training Program 6 DVD Set


Rating: ★★★★★

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GSP Rushfit is an intensive workout training program that is brought to you by George St. Pierre and his trainer Erik Owings.  If you’re not familiar with Mixed Martial Arts then you probably don’t know who George St. Pierre is.  But, you have probably seen his image on fitness and sports magazines because he is one of the most successful athletes in his division.  George St. Pierre is a reigning defending welter weight champion of the world and he has retained his championship title for several years and Erik Owings is his trainer that has helped build champions like George St. Pierre.  The physical fitness of George St. Pierre is truly impressive.  If you ever saw this guy in person or on TV then you would be convinced that he has the body of a super hero.  Now is your chance to be a part of his training program that has helped him become one of the top mixed martial artists in the world.

What is the Rushfit Workout Program?

So what is Rushfit and why should you be involved?  The program comes on 6 DVD’s that offers 3 different levels of difficulty.  And each one is an 8-week workout so you won’t run out of things to do.    The levels of difficulty will help a beginner progress throughout the training program and gradually build you into complete physical fitness and you can choose from beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.  When Erik Owings was developing this workout program he kept in mind to have it tailored for a world class athlete but at the same time designing it to be practical enough for even a mother who wants to shed some extra weight.  That is one of the great things about the Rushfit program is that anyone can do it.

How Does the Rushfit Program Work?

The Rushfit training program comes on a set of 6 DVD’s and contains several different workouts.  We’ve already told you that you can choose from 3 different difficulty levels.  But, we want to talk more in detail about what is inside this unique program.  Each work out level is an 8-week course and requires you to work out for 6 days a week.  It might seem pretty intense but your body will adapt and get used to it after a few sessions.

Each work out session runs around 45 minutes and you can easily fit this into your day by doing it all in one session or breaking it up into 2 sessions.  The main focus of the workout system is the use of short but explosive bursts in the workouts.  The concept of short explosive training appeals to a large number of athletes and has produced favorable results.  These types of exercises have proven to be beneficial to a large variety of individuals from athletes to everyday people.

What Type of Workouts Are in Rushfit?

At first you might think that the workouts may seem a little intimidating if you’ve ever watched a trailer video about the Rushfit training program, but don’t worry because these workouts can be done by most individuals and you can start at the beginner difficulty level.  One of the great things about the Rushfit program is that it will provide you with a wonderful variation of body movements in the workouts.  The workouts in Rushfit are broken up into 7 different categories and they tackle different aspects of training and skill.  The workouts include inner core movements, plyometrics, metabolic conditioning, power lifting, body weight workouts, and these workouts concentrate on the quality of movements rather than extreme rep numbers.  Once you learn the new movements, you will then learn how to improve them.

The workouts are broken up into 5 separate, 5 minute sessions that are similar to a 5 minute round In the MMA.  This gives the viewer a good feel on what a mixed martial artists goes through in training and in the ring.  The rounds you will go through are cut into circuits of different movements that run about 30 seconds to 1 minute each and then they switch it up to a different movement.   But, don’t worry because George St. Pierre and 2 other people will be performing these workouts with you.  And his trainer Erik Owings will be standing aside with a interval timer that allows you to keep a precise workout/resting intervals that you will end up liking throughout the DVD’s. This helps workout different parts of the body, plus you won’t get bored because it changes really quickly.

The workout routines that you will find in Rushfit are achievable by anyone, regardless of your fitness type.  At the beginning of each workout there will be a short segment that will explain what is to come and help you prepare.  This helps viewers set the pace and get used to the forms and body movements that they will be performing.

What Kind of Equipment or Space Do You Need for Rushfit?

The great thing about Rushfit is that you don’t need anything crazy that will take up too much space.  All you need is a set of dumbbells of any size that you’re comfortable with.  You can get anywhere from 5 lbs up to 25lbs depending on your physical fitness and strength.  You don’t need to get the heaviest dumbbell because the dumbbells are being used for quality of movements over quantity of reps and the dumbbells are simply used to help strengthen and tone your body.

Also, you won’t need that much space when performing the Rushfit workouts in your home.  A decent sized living room or basement will work fine.  You will be doing a lot of jumping forward and backward, pivoting of the hips, pushups and sit ups.  Plus you will be moving around like a mixed martial artist in some of these workouts but these workouts are made to be done at home.   So you will have no problem performing the Rushfit workouts right at your own home.

Does Rushfit Come with Any Nutritional Diet Plan?

You will get a nutritional guide that is included with the Rushfit workout program.  This will help you figure out what types of foods you need to eat in order to gain more energy and slim down faster.  The diet is worth looking at but not 100 percent necessary in order to be successful with Rushfit.  The best way to approach the nutritional guide is to make gradual changes so that way your body can adjust to the new diet.


Pros and Cons of George St. Pierre’s Rushfit


  • There isn’t much equipment need to do the workouts, you only need dumbbells
  • You can perform the workouts at the comfort of your own home
  • Intense and short exercises.  Each workout starts with 10-minute warm-up period, 25 minutes of exercises, and 10-minute cool-down period.
  • George St. Pierre and Erik Owings explain thoroughly in precise manner on how to perform the workouts which makes it easy to follow.
  • Results come FAST with the workouts.
  • The exercises that come in the DVD’s vary so much that it will keep things interesting and you will never get bored of it.
  • It comes with a nutritional guide and convenient calendars to help make it easier to follow a day-today dieting schedule.


  • Warm-ups seem to be all the same.  Even though the exercises come in great variety
  • Workouts focus a lot around Mixed Martial Art performance and sometimes it’s not for everyone.  One DVD focuses around this type of aspect and it may take some time to get used to and adjust.  But, in the end it is worth it because you will become in better shape and learn self-defense techniques.
  • Workouts can be pretty intense and you will sweat a lot.  But, you will also get in better shape!

Where to Buy The GSP Rushfit DVD program?

You can find the GSP Rushfit DVD set on or but the best place to order from is there actual website because you can find special bargain prices and limited time offers.  Don’t try to buy the DVD’s separately because you will miss out on certain parts of the program that are important.  We recommend getting the whole entire DVD set from their actual website and you can find a link to the GSP Rushfit workout program in this link below.

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